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No New Posts Welcome to Hogwarts

Welcome to Morsmordre! This should be your first stop upon arrival, as it is where the rules and information are located.

Sub-boards: Ministry Files, Announcements

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No New Posts Applying

To make applying as easy as possible, as necessary information as been compiled and divided into "steps" to guide registering members. Current members may also reference these steps to update themselves on rules, claims, and sub plots!
sub-boards: [Step One] [Step Two] [Step Three] [Step Four]

Sub-boards: Step One, Step Two, Step Three, Step Four

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No New Posts Pending Profiles

Post your character's application here and wait to be accepted and sorted before roleplaying.

sub-boards: [Canon] [Original]

Sub-boards: Pending Canon Profiles, Pending Original Profiles

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No New Posts Accepted Profiles

Once your application has been accepted it will be moved here by the staff.

sub-boards: [Ravenclaw] [Hufflepuff] [Slytherin] [Gryffindor] [Adults]

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No New Posts New Arrivals

New? Come here to introduce yourself and meet everyone.

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No New Posts Plot Search

Need a date for your character? Want your char to have a secret relationship with someone? Come here to search and plan mini-plots between members.

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Ministry Files

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No New Posts Gryffindors

The House of the brave.

Sub-boards: Claraty, Fynne , Daniels, Jack , Jordan, Audio , Jordan, Roosevelt , Knight, Lovely , Lovell, Luca , Thomas, Gabriel , Weasley, Fred II , Wood, Akira , Blake, Gavin , Monroe, Missy , Potter, James , Pucey, Shane , Rousseau, Morag , Takamura, Keiichi , Weasley, Dominique , Longhorn, Drew , Ricci, Bridgette , Weasley, Lucy , Longbottom, Alista

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No New Posts Slytherins

The House of the cunning.

Sub-boards: Macnair, Jonathan , Parris, Ana , Scabior, Jaiden , Smith, Blair , Zabini, Tieran , Dolohov, Alec , Flint, Sofia , Greyback, Soren , Lestrange, Kamilla , Paxton, Audrey , Pryce, Sebastian , Lange, Livinia , Nott, Howl

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No New Posts Ravenclaws

The House of the intelligent.

Sub-boards: Krum, Victoria , Sinclair, Sadie , Bryant, Hadyn , Knight, Serenity , Lovegood, Lysander, Smart, Clare , Weasley, Roxanne , Blanc, Giselle , Hayes, Violet , Scamander, Valencia , Weasley, Molly

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No New Posts Hufflepuffs

The House of the loyal.

Sub-boards: Borgin, Wesley , Good, Darian , Lee, Alexander , Maye, Pogue , Bones, Daniel , Creevey, Desmond , Gaunt, Fitch , Stevenson, Jakob , Smethley, Naomi

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No New Posts Adults

The chaperones.

Sub-boards: Black, Jasper , Contresze, Macries , Deadlocke, Mordred , Khal, Shadin , Krum, Danni , Longhorn, Astrid , Macnair, Brooke , Morel, Nicole , Prince, Helena , Pigeye, Comrade , Tripigo, Max , Vaisey, Chanel , Prewett, Jude , Shacklock, Sabbath , Sinclair, Magenta , Wizzbee, Wilbur

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No New Posts Clubs, Classes and Occupations

This is where you come to sign up for clubs, classes and occupations. Occupations are for adults only! Sorry kiddos.

Sub-boards: Clubs, Classes, Occupations

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IC Extras

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No New Posts Fun & Games

Have your characters participate in forum games such as Hot or Not, Mate/Date/Rake, This is Why I'm Hot, and whatever else they want!

sub-boards: [Gossip]

Sub-board: Gossip

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No New Posts Amortentia

Love and hate - it's all part of this game called life. Come here to plot relationships with other characters. Relationships may be posted in the Amortentia itself, as long as the thread creator is fine with that. Please make sure to delete your post after it has been added!

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No New Posts Stationary

Reveal what your character is truly feeling inside via poetry, diaries, stories, or simple little notes.

sub-boards: [Letters] [Journals]

Sub-boards: Letters & Notes, Journals

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No New Posts Flashbacks

Detail your character's past here through role plays set in their future, their ancestry, their childhood, past years at Hogwarts, or over their previous breaks from schooling [the summer, or around the holidays]. This is a helpful way to explain how your character came to be the way they are, or just to have fun inventing an interesting past.

sub-boards: [Future] [Ancestors] [Childhood] [School Break] [Past Years]

Sub-boards: Future, Ancestry, Childhood, School Break, Past Years

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No New Posts Daily Prophet

Keep yourself up-to-date on all Wizarding events. The Hogwarts school newspaper, the Warty Hog, is also located here for aspiring reporters.

sub-boards: [The Warty Hog] [Prophet Wannabe]

Sub-boards: The Warty Hog, Prophet

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No New Posts Dungeons

The darker part of the school, as well as the kitchens and Hufflepuff Common Room, can be found on this level.

sub-boards: [Slytherin Common Room] [Potions Class] [Corridors] [Kitchens] [Hufflepuff Common Room]

Sub-boards: Slytherin Common Room, Potions Classroom, Corridors, Kitchens, Hufflepuff Common Room

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No New Posts Ground Floor

Once you pass through the big wooden doors and step into the entrance hall, you're officially on Hogwarts' ground floor.

sub-boards: [Entrance Hall] [Great Hall] [Staff Room] [Divination Class]

Sub-boards: Entrance Hall, Great Hall, Staff Room, Divination Classroom

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No New Posts First Floor

The first level up from the ground floor, this is where students come for various classes or if they've gotten hurt.

sub-boards: [Hospital Wing] [DaDA Class] [Non-Magical Studies Class] [HoM Class]

Sub-boards: Hospital Wing, Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, Non-Magical Studies Classroom, History of Magic Classroom, Transfiguration Teacher's Office

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No New Posts Second Floor

Not much happens on this floor, and it's mostly just a stop on the way to the higher floors. There are some classrooms, but they're generally empty.

sub-boards: [Empty Classrooms] [Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom]

Sub-boards: Empty Classrooms, Moaning Myrtle's Bathroom

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No New Posts Third Floor

This floor is another traffic-free level, since the only thing people really come here for is charms class or to waste time looking at trophies.

sub-boards: [Charms Corridor] [Trophy Room] [Armor Gallery]

Sub-boards: Charms Corridor, Trophy Room, Armor Gallery

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No New Posts Fourth Floor

Venture to this floor if you're in need of access to the library, or if you're eager to locate the Mirror of Erised and know where to look.

sub-boards: [Library] [Mirror of Erised]

Sub-boards: Library, Mirror of Erised

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No New Posts Fifth Floor

This floor is mostly filled with Ravenclaws, since the entrance to their common room is located here. Prefects come here often as well, however, to use their private bathroom.

sub-boards: [Prefect's Bathroom] [Ravenclaw Common Room] [Ancient Runes Class]

Sub-boards: Prefect's Bathroom, Ravenclaw Common Room, Ancient Runes Classroom

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No New Posts Sixth Floor

There's nothing here except a bathroom and classrooms, so it's not exactly a popular place for the students to gather.

sub-boards: [Transfiguration Class] [Arithmancy Class] [Boy's Bathroom]

Sub-boards: Transfiguration Classroom, Arithmancy Classroom, Boys' Bathroom

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No New Posts Seventh Floor

Welcome to Hogwarts' top floor and home to the Gryffindor common room. The entrance to the Headmaster's office is located here as well, though it's not quite popular enough to visit.

sub-boards: [Gryffindor Common Room] [Room of Requirement]

Sub-boards: Gryffindor Common Room, Room of Requirement

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No New Posts Towers

The highest structures of the castle, the towers are a great place to come if you're not afraid of heights. The owlery, as well as the astronomy tower, is located here.

sub-boards: [Owlery] [Astronomy Tower]

Sub-boards: Owlery, Astronomy Tower

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No New Posts Grounds

Need a breath of fresh air? It can surely be attained on Hogwarts' Grounds, as well as much more.

sub-boards: [Courtyard] [The Lawns] [Black Lake] [Pumpkin Patch] [Green Houses] [Gardens] [Quidditch Changing Rooms] [Broom Shed] [Quidditch Pitch] [Forbidden Forest]

Sub-boards: Courtyard, The Lawns, Black Lake, Pumpkin Patch, Greenhouses, Gardens, Quidditch Changing Rooms, Broom Shed, Quidditch Pitch, Forbidden Forest

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No New Posts The Three Broomsticks

The Three Broomsticks is the best place for a drink while at Hogsmeade. Unlike its sister pub, the Hog’s Head, you can drink here and know that you are among friends.

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No New Posts Madam Puddifoot's

Come on down and join your fellow classmates and lovers at Madam Puddifoot’s for a warm refreshment on a chilly day. Festive little Cherubs are here to keep you love birds company while you sip on a steaming mug of hot cocoa, tea, or even coffee.

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No New Posts The Hog's Head

Come on in to the Hog’s Head if you dare. You may meet an interesting character or two here or even spot the sale of some illegal magical items. Don’t mind the smell; it won’t kill you, but the one of the patrons might.

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No New Posts Honeydukes

Come all and enjoy the sweets galore at Honeydukes! Your eyes will pop when you enter our store and see just how many things to make your taste buds yearn for more pack the shelves at our popular little store.

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No New Posts Weasley's Wizard Wheezes

We’re here to put every other joke store you’ve seen out of business! With our products being sold in many other stores across Britain, you’ve got to come and see where it all started.

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No New Posts Shrieking Shack

Guarded by the tempermental Whomping Willow, few students actually make it unscathed into the Shrieking Shack. Once you dive down the tunnel near the willow's base, however, you will find yourself in a not-so-pleasant room that can be seen from a distance in Hogsmeade.

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Off Campus

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No New Posts Residences

Home is where the heart is. It's also the place where students go for breaks, teachers retreat for tranquility, and graduates find solace in.

sub-boards: [Castelul Sinclair] [Rookwood Manor]

Sub-boards: Castelul Sinclair, Rookwood Manor

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No New Posts Diagon Alley

Welcome to Diagon Alley, the only place where you can buy everything you need in one outing! We have everything you could ever want for sale, from robes to brooms and much more.

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Other OOC

Board Threads Posts Last Post
No New Posts OOC Boards

Chat with members, play forum games, participate in contests, affiliate -- anything that's outta character is here.

Sub-boards: To Do Lists, Random Chat, Artwork, Fun & Games, Absences, Staff Board

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No New Posts Contests

When they feel like it, staff members will post contests here and offer house points as rewards.

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No New Posts Affiliates & Advertising

Affiliate with Morsmordre or simply advertise your forum here.

*guest friendly
sub-boards: [Affliate] [Advertise]

Sub-boards: Affiliate, Link Back, Advertise

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No New Posts Archives

This is where all closed or dead threads will be relocated. A topic graveyard, y'know?

sub-boards: [Characters] [IC Threads] [OOC Threads]

Sub-boards: Profiles, Amortentias, & Journals, Roleplaying Threads, OOC, Staff Board

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